The goal of this campaign is to ban the intentional release of balloons, starting with Southampton Village. Currently, it is legal to release up to 25 balloons per person in a 24 hour period.

Launch Date: January 2018

Status: Ongoing

Campaign Lead: (Kurt Fuchs,

Balloons are a common item found at beach cleanups, and pose an immediate threat to marine life. As we saw in Summer of 2017 in Southampton Village, mylar balloons in particular also threaten power supply. During the weekend of July 4th, over 1,000 businesses and homes were left without power after a mylar balloon was let loose in Southampton Village.   Right now, it is legal for an individual to release up to 25 balloons at a time in the State of New York. We ask that the Village of Southampton to pass legislation prohibiting the intentional release of balloons during ceremonies or celebrations. Many municipalities around the country are taking action to recognize the impacts of balloons. Click here for a list of laws surrounding Balloons, courtesy of Balloons Blow.

The chapter is currently compiling letters from environmental groups and individuals who feel passionately that Townships and Villages on the East End should ban the intentional release of balloons. If you’d like to compose a letter, please send to Kurt at 

If this campaign is successful, we will duplicate and try to implement in other Townships and Villages on the East End.

Please check out this interactive map created by the wonderful organization, “Balloons Blow” that includes locations of balloons found, and even information on where balloons caused the death of an animal. Check out the map here: