Eastern Long Island Chapter

Find the Source of Pollution at Fresh Pond

The goal of this campaign is to find the source of fecal pollution at Fresh Pond Beach in Amagansett.

Launch Date: August 2017

Status: Ongoing

Fresh Pond Beach in Amagansett is a popular beach for families to take children to play because of the calm, shallow bay water. Located at Fresh Pond is a creek that drains through the middle of the beach to meet the bay, but Blue Water Task Force Results for Fresh Pond Creek prove that the creek is extremely polluted with enterococcus, a fecal indicator bacteria.

Surfrider Foundation and the Concerned Citizens of Montauk have been sampling the water at Fresh Pond since August of 2013. Samples are collected and analyzed for enterococus, a coliform bacteria that lives in the gut of warm blooded animals (humans, birds, deer, dogs, etc). When enterococcus is detected, it indicates that waters are contaminated with fecal pollution and other pathogens that could make you, your pets, and especially your children, sick.

After our 2013-2016 Water Quality Report was published, the Town of East Hampton reacted quickly by putting a sign up to warn beachgoers of high bacteria levels at Fresh Pond. Our results have show consistently high bacteria levels at the Creek, with increased levels after rain events and when the creek is closed to the bay.

Please take a look at the most recent Fresh Pond analysis from October 2017.

Having provided the town of East Hampton and Stony Brook Southampton with water quality information, the Town of East Hampton’s Natural Resources Department is currently doing bacterial source tracking to find out whether the source of fecal pollution is from human, bird, dog, deer, or other animal sources.