The goal of this campaign is to reduce the water quality impacts on Little Fresh Pond in North Sea.

Launch Date: December 2017

Status: Ongoing

Surfrider began sampling Little Fresh Pond in October of 2016, and over half of the samples taken have been above the EPA health standard for recreation. A day camp is being proposed on a property adjacent to Little Fresh Pond, that would service about 400-500 children at a time with 50 counselors living on site. In addition to the high bacteria levels that we have been measuring, our members are also concerned about the increased number of toxic blue-green algae blooms. They are a real health hazard and take away recreational opportunities for paddling, swimming, and fishing. If the proposed camp is approved for construction by the Town of Southampton, we ask that an advanced septic system be required to be installed on the property to prevent further water quality degradation from pathogens and nitrogen for the campers and the entire community.

Recent Blue Water Task Force water quality results at Little Fresh Pond.

Little Fresh Pond, Water Quality Analysis- December 2017

(Photo Credit: Ian J. Stark, Source: Newsday)