We are gearing up for a Strawless Summer.

Surfrider Foundation’s Eastern Long Island chapter is joining the worldwide movement to get rid of plastic straws. At one beach cleanup in Greenport, the Eastern Long Island Chapter removed 922 straws from the beach. If you are not convinced that straws can cause harm in the marine world, watch this video of a sea turtle with a straw in its noseThe goal of this program is to reduce the number of plastic straws used in restaurants in Eastern Long Island. 


1. Go completely Strawless      or

2. Provide biodegradable (paper, bamboo) straws only upon request     or

3. Provide reusable alternatives to plastic (stainless steel)

Is your restaurant ready? Make the Pledge Here. 



  • Educate the public about the negative effects of plastic straws
  • Collect data about number of plastic straws being used on the East End, price per straw, and distribution company
  • Host a screening of the film “Straws
  • Do market research and provide price alternatives to interested restaurants, proving that using fewer single use straws can be cost effecting
  • Team up with local schools and ask students for help spreading the word
  • Sign restaurants up to make the pledge to be a part of the 2018 Strawless Summer
  • Launch a kick off party at one of our participating restaurants
  • Celebrating the restaurants who choose to join by providing them with a Strawless Summer 2018 window decal, including them on our website’s interactive map below, and through social media.


1.  Take this Survey.  This survey will help us collect information about the use of plastic straws with the ultimate goal of making alternatives more approachable for restaurant owners. Please help the chapter out by filling out this quick survey! We respect your Privacy. Answers given will not be shared.

2. Sign this Petition asking East End restaurant supplier to provide alternatives to plastic straws.

3. Make the Pledge Here  if your restaurant is ready to commit.


You can help us with our program as you go throughout your day- to- day life.. Ask yourself if you really need a straw, and start to notice how often you automatically get a straw. Remind your server,  “No straw, Please!” 

Volunteer by helping us approach restaurants and gather information. Ask the manager or owner to take our survey (PDF Version / Online Version), and help us figure out what it would take for them to go strawless.

Participating Restaurants:

Restaurants, what we will provide in return: 

By participating in the 2018 Strawless Summer, your business will be aligned with the Surfrider brand. Right when your restaurant signs up to participate in the Strawless Summer, we will give you a window decal, take a photo with the owner or manager to be posted on social media.

Website & Social Media: We plan to use our reach to promote your restaurant to our followers. Your restaurant will be placed on the interactive map on our website, which will link directly to your website & menu. 

Window Decal: Surfrider will provide you with a peel-off window decal that states you are participating in the 2018 Strawless Summer, and if desired, we will also provide you with literature to answer questions for

Local Media:  Additional articles and press releases about the Strawless Summer 2018 participants will be completed as time and availability allow.

Chapter Loyalty: Our chapter is always looking for places to host meetings and events, so restaurants who are making strides towards preventing plastic pollution on our fragile coast line will always be given priority. 


Links to our favorite alternatives:

Stainless Steel Straws – 7.5in Cocktail Kingdom, 5in Cocktail Kingdom

Paper Straws – AArdvark Straws