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Our volunteers are busy. From Beach Clean-Ups and Water Quality sampling to engaging in Public Meetings, our volunteers act as the boots on the ground to effect positive change and protect our local beaches. Your support allows Surfrider to continue our fight for our coastlines and to ensure that our ocean, waves, and beaches are protected for generations to come. Make a gift today!

Levels of Sponsorship

Ocean Friendly Gardens


A gift of $15,000 will support our next Ocean Friendly Garden (OFG) project.  OFG’s capture and filter stormwater runoff before it can pollute our beaches and coastal waterways.   Healthy soil is built naturally with compost and mulch, and no chemicals are used to maintain native and climate appropriate plants that help protect clean water and provide habitat for bees, butterflies and birds.

Blue Water Task Force 


Support our Blue Water Task Force (BWTF) program for one-year with a gift of $10,000.  BWTF is Surfrider Foundation’s volunteer-run, water testing program. We measure bacteria levels at beaches from Westhampton to Montauk to alert beachgoers about water quality problems and to work toward solutions.

Beach Cleanups


Nobody likes to see trash on the beach.   Litter often ends up in the ocean polluting the water and harming marine life.   Beach clean ups reduce litter, protect our ocean and raise awareness about plastic pollution.  Your gift of $5,000 will support a full year of beach clean ups, enabling the purchase of reusable gloves for volunteers, garbage buckets, trash grabbers and scales.  Funding will also support promotion and advertising of our Beach Cleanup program.

Summer Intern


A donation of $3,000 will support a summer intern.  Our interns assist with our Blue Water Task Force water quality testing, beach clean ups and educational programs.

International Surfing Day 


A gift of $2,000 will support the chapter’s International Surfing Day event.  For 364 days of the year the Surfrider Foundation and our volunteer and activist network works to protect our coasts. On the summer solstice, we take a moment to celebrate the impact we’ve made, the campaigns we’ve won and the beaches we’ve protected.

Chapter Meetings


A donation of $1,000 will support a 1/2 year of chapter meetings.  Chapter Meetings are a collaborative and creative space with the chapter’s core volunteers, where we discuss campaigns, initiatives, progress and event planning.

A Week of Water Testing


A donation of $500 will pay for one week of water testing via our Blue Water Task Force program.  We test 50 sites weekly from East Quogue to Montauk.

School-Based Education Program


A donation of $250 will support our school-based education program where students learn ways to reduce plastics and protect clean water and healthy beaches.

Plastic Pollution


To eliminate the impacts of plastics in the marine environment we raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution and advocate for a reduction of single-use plastics and rigorous recycling practices. A donation of $100 will be used to develop a thought provoking outreach tool to support plastic use reduction.



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If you are interested in any of the sponsorship opportunities above, please send a check to our mailing address:

Surfrider Foundation, Eastern Long Island Chapter

P.O. Box 720, Wainscott, NY 11975

If you have any questions, please contact Bobby at  treasurer@easternli.surfrider.org.