Bigger Better Bottle Bill – Overview

During 2008 the Bigger Better Bottle Bill was proposed to the NYS legislature. Basically, the BBBB proposes a 5-cent deposit to most non-carbonated beverage bottles, including plastic bottles, and it funnels unclaimed deposits to a NYS environmental fund. Currently, unclaimed deposits accrue to the bottling companies.

While the State Assembly did vote to approve this bill, the bill was held up in the State Senate by senate leaders and did not receive final approval. There was also a failed, last minute attempt to get the BBBB inserted into NY’s 2009 budget to actually add $ to the budget from unclaimed deposits so that the governor would not have to make so many budget cuts next year. We do anticipate, however, that the bill will be re-introduced during 2009.
You can learn more about the BBBB on NY PIRG’s website (the New York Public Interest Research Group)

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