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Remove Trash Cans From Shinnecock Inlet Beach

01 • 09 • 2018

Remove Trash Cans From Shinnecock Inlet Beach

The Eastern Long Island Chapter wants the trash cans removed from an inlet beach because they are causing more litter problems than they are solving.

The Eastern Long Island Chapter noticed that the trash cans on the beach at the Shinnecock Inlet were ofter overflowing, raided by seagulls, and stuff (illegally) with household trash. The receptacles were the cause of more plastic pollution than they were collecting so they wanted the town to remove them. 

Southampton is rather quiet in the off-season, almost rural. It's also a town where people have to contract privately for trash pickup at their homes. Frequent beachgoers of the chapter were noticing the bags of household trash stuffed into the public trash cans, the damage the birds were doing to the accessible trash, and the resulting storm of plastic and debris on the beach. 

Chapter Volunteer Coordinator Carolyn Munaco brought this to the town's attention through emails, meetings and speaking public to the Town Supervisor and Council. On January 9, 2018, the cans were removed.