Easy ways you can help keep our

beaches clean!

Ways YOU can help keep our beaches and oceans clean!

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People Cause Pollution; People Can Stop It. Next time you see trash lying on the ground, pick it up.

Scoop the Poop! Unless you like to swim in and swallow animal poop, make sure you pick up your pet’s droppings, especially at the beach.

Reduce… Create less waste. Bring canvas bags to the grocery store. Recycle… paper, plastics and metal.

Stay Off the Dunes!
Walking in the dunes kills the beach grass and damages the fragile dune systems that hold sand on our beaches and provide habitat for many types of animals.

Don’t Release Balloons!
Turtles and marine mammals die when they eat or become tangled in balloons that drift into the ocean.  Tell your friends to hold onto their balloons too.

Pick up the Butts. The most common piece of trash found at beaches is cigarette butts.  Cigarette filters do not decompose, and the beach is not an ashtray!

Be Responsible with Beach Fires.
Keep a distance from the dunes and build your beach fires in a large galvanized tub so that you can easily take away all the ashes and waste.  Leave only your footprints on the beach!

Care for Your Lawn Naturally.
Herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers are polluting our drinking water and can easily end up in the bays and ocean you swim in.

Turn Off Your Engines. Don’t let you car idle when you stop to check the waves.  Idling engines pollute the air and bother others at the beach with their noise.

Oil’s Well That Ends Well.
Make sure your family fixes any car oil leaks.  Rain carries oil and other garbage from our streets to our beaches.

Don’t Water the Driveway.  It Won’t Grow! All that water washes the soap, oil and chemicals on the driveway, sidewalk, and street straight to the beach and into the ocean.  Wash your cars at a commercial car wash or at least on your lawn where the water can soak into the ground.