Bill Turselino was able to attend the hearing on December 10, 2003 and present the Surfrider prospective.

“We (Surfrider) are opposed to designation of dredged material disposal sites anywhere in the Long Island Sound or the open ocean. The research presented in the draft EIS is essentially a snapshot of damage already done to a once vibrant benthic and pelagic ecology. Designating permanent disposal sites will guarantee that alternatives to open water dumping will not be actively pursued nor ever become an economically viable alternative. If dredged material is not suitable for beneficial re-use then it should be removed from the ecosystem.” Rep. Bishop entered an opposing statement as did many others.

This EIS has been in the works for a long time. Kind of like a lot of confusing scientific goo to justify a decision that has already been made. The reps from Connecticut seemed all for it…. even brought up the threat of oil spills if channels aren’t dredged. Seems the battle is taking a NY vs. CT flavor. Seems CT has huge “dredge the toxic harbors and dump it in the LI Sound” plans. Lieberman sent a lame letter of support for dredging. The most persuasive statements were all opposed.

Surfrider thanks Bill for his efforts and a great job on behalf of the entire chapter. It is people like you taking the time and effort to work within the system to make a difference, who give our chapter credibility and clout.