Did you see us in the Montauk St. Patrick’s Day Parade? We were there to spread awareness for our newest campaign: Skip the Stuff!

“Stuff” is what we’re calling the single-use materials that come with takeout orders like plastic utensils, napkins, stirrers, coffee stoppers and condiment packets — which explains the ketchup and mustard costumes.

These materials are wasteful for everyone — they are an expense to the restaurant, a burden to the customer who didn’t ask for them, and they wind up in our waste stream or in our environment. According to our beach cleanup database, our volunteers have picked up over 3,250 pieces of take-out “stuff” in just three years! That’s over 1,000 pieces every year.

We want to see change in this wasteful habit and prevent litter on our beaches. Our Ocean Friendly Restaurants already Skip the Stuff, meaning they only provide these accessories upon request, but we want to see it happen in all restaurants in East Hampton. More updates on this campaign coming soon. To read more, click the link in our bio.

Thanks to our volunteers for showing up and spreading the word! We love the sign on the back of our truck made by students at the Avenues school! And thank you to our awesome volunteer @linseyslens_ for capturing us in action!