Hello Fellow Surfrider Foundation members,

My name is Steve Delaney.  I am an active volunteer in our organization and am currently in the Iron Surfer competition which was started by Surfrider to increase membership.  When I first received the solicitation to enter the competition I wasn’t interested.  The first prize is a week paid vacation to the Dominican Republic.  Imagine that.  A surfer not interested in competing for a prize like that.  Well… after I thought about it for a while I decided to do it.  And I jumped in with both feet.  I’m desperate for a vacation.  I was leading the country in new members.

Until… some guy that was trailing me added new members so fast it made my head spin.  We as a chapter cannot let this happen.  Some fellow from another chapter beating us?  Are you kidding?   I NEED YOUR HELP!!!  EAST END SURFRIDER NEEDS YOU HELP!!!

All kidding aside.  We know the value of Surfrider.  Remember the Air Base surfing restrictions?  How about the Montauk revetment project?  The Montauk six that paved the way for surfing the North side?  We are involved in beach cleanups and are trying to raise awareness to our sensitive beaches and water quality.  Don’t forget a couple of great parties.

Our strength comes from strength in numbers.  Many times it boils down to a political battle and the more participation we have the more we’re listened to.

I’m asking each of you that if you sign up just one more member, maybe a spouse or interested child, you would be contributing to an obvious great cause.  As importantly you’d be increasing my chances of winning a GREAT SURF TRIP!!!

If anyone is interested please email me at inestyne92@gmail.com.  That way I’ll have your email which I will send to Surfrider.  They will contact you for the signup.  It’s very simple and protected.  If you want to go directly to www.surfrider.org my Iron Surfer ID # is 96458.  Please include this for me to receive credit.  The basic membership is $25.00.  If you are interested in doing a family thing please sign up each person individually.

Thanks for you time and consideration,
Steve Delaney