The Lounge at East Hampton Bowl

Thurs May 26th


Our current Executive Board has done a fantastic job keeping our
chapter  the respected voice of local surfers, environmentalists, and
beach rights advocates that it has been for over a decade. As with any
volunteer job, they have put in countless hours with no pay, or
rewards other than the satisfaction of a job well done. In fact, they
have run the chapter for an extra year beyond the normal 2 year term.

Our chapter is unique in that we have an incredible pool of talent
from all walks of life, and our members are steadfast well respected
members of our community. We also have a strong bond among us, and
have achieved  victories, small and great since our chapters

Now it is time to continue our tradition. To do that we need a new
crew to step forward.
If you or any of your friends feel that you have the time (lots of
it), willingness, and people skills to help lead one of the best
chapters in the country, please let us know right away.
You will have the full support, and advisement available from our
previous Executive Board members. They have experienced it all, and can
greatly streamline and simplify most any situation that arises.
Surfing and beach access, clean water and beaches, and shoreline
protection from counterproductive erosion control structures don’t
happen by themselves.

Just to give you a sense for the activities going on this summer,
check out this list;

May 28 – Theory- East Hampton Store Awareness table(10% of the day’s
sales to Surfrider)  12 – 5
June 10 –  Stephen Talkhouse – Music and Fundraiser Event with CCOM
7pm – 10 pm
August  3 – Surf Movie Night    7pm – 10
August 13 – 14 Music To Know (MTK) Surfrider Awareness Table
August 17 – Gidget movie night   7pm – 10pm

We need volunteers to work these events, as well.

Please step forward and put in two of the most challenging years
you’ve ever experienced.

You won’t regret it!