Did you know that there is a Surfrider club at the East Hampton Middle School? They have not only been successful in shifting mindsets regarding recycling and waste practices, but they seek to learn more about Surfrider’s initiatives and how they can continue to make waves in our community.

Stephen Mahoney and Colleen Henn bridging the Middle School Club and the Eastern Long Island Chapter.

Stephen Mahoney and Colleen Henn bridging the Middle School Surfrider Club and the ELI Chapter.

Led by John Ryan Jr., these young environmental stewards have worked tirelessly to educate their peers and even teachers about proper recycling practices. Thanks to these kids, there are now recycling bins spread thoroughly through the school! They have even created a rewards system for bringing reusable water bottles, tupperware and lunch boxes to school to reduce waste. You can read more about their success in this article from 27east. We applaud you!

Seemingly saturated with knowledge about our Rise Above Plastics campaign, they were actually curious to learn more about our Clean Water Initiative, specifically our Blue Water Task Force and Ocean Friendly Gardens programs. Colleen spoke mostly about the Blue Water Task Force, what we sample for and why it’s important, while Stephen updated the students about the Chapter’s current Ocean Friendly Gardens project in the Village Green.

We were stoked to meet the lovely faces of the Surfrider Club. These kids are so intelligent, and have created quite the momentum to foster sustainable habits within our East End community. We are so motivated by you, and we hope to nurture our connection to the Club to maintain this momentum!  Keep up the good work Surfrider Club!