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Introducing: New Committees!

Our chapter has really grown in the last two years, and we've noticed a need to form groups so volunteers can help lead our efforts more independently.  The following opportunities are our most immediate needs, but we can always find other ways to include anyone who is dedicated and passionate about volunteering!

Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee members are the leaders of our chapter.  They are the decision-makers and influence our chapter activities year to year. We are currently searching for a Secretary to help us stay organized and assist with chapter communications. Executive Committee members make a two-year commitment to volunteer 2-10 hours a week and meet virtually on the first Monday of the month at 6 pm. If you are interested, please contact our chapter coordinator for more information:

Ocean Friendly Gardens Committee

Our *budding* Ocean Friendly Gardens committee will be hosting its first meeting on Sunday, March 5 in East Hampton. We will be meeting with our garden experts to determine a plan for maintaining our beautiful gardens this spring and summer. No garden experience is necessary since you can learn from our experienced volunteers! If you are interested, please contact our chapter coordinator for more information:

Rise Above Plastics Committee 

If you are passionate about solving the plastic pollution crisis, this committee is for you. Learn about our past, present, and future plastic campaigns and how you can help advance our plastic reduction initiatives.  This includes ramping up our Ocean Friendly Restaurants program again. This committee already had its first meeting of the year, and you can sign up for one of our next meetings below!

Upcoming Rise Above Plastics Meetings:
- Tuesday, 2/28 at 6 pm: Sign up here
- Wednesday, 3/29 at 5 pm: Sign up here

Looking for other ways to get involved? There are also opportunities to help in our Blue Water Task Force lab, lead our beach cleanups, or join our Surf Movie Night Planning Committee. If you want to level up your volunteer commitment in any way, talk to us about your skills and interest and we can find a way for you to help!