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Montauk Geobag Project Failing

We had a garden-variety low pressure system come through the area this weekend and also a new moon. The result? See this video below taken by Tom Muse on January 10, 2016.


Storm vulnerable buildings are just that, vulnerable. What makes them so is their proximity to the ocean waves. This vulnerability increases with time. We are waisting time, valuable time with boys and their toys playing a losing game in the public's sand box. Not to mention the money, yours and mine being pissed away. It's time for the adults to enter the room and start parenting. It's time to champion responsible long term solutions. Time is waisting ladies and gents, who among you is ready to start building a real future for this town that includes why many of you came here in the first place? #savemontauk with #sandonly while we plan to #moveitbackchumps #beachesorbust

Posted by Thomas Bradley Muse on Sunday, January 10, 2016