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The "Cabin Fever" Beach Cleanup

IT'S BACK! The Surfrider Foundation has approved individual beach clean ups!

Did you know you don't need to be at an 'official' Surfrider Beach Cleanup to help add to our Beach Cleanup Database?

We ask that if you choose to partake as an individual, that you adhere to all social distancing and any beach closure guidelines in your area related to COVID-19. Please read the important safety tips below, before you go.


Beach cleanups are a Surfrider Foundation program to tackle the ocean litter issue - primarily caused by plastic pollution - through education for action, citizen science, and campaigns. We are all part of the solution and together we can restore our coastlines, one beach at a time.

Join our Cabin Fever Beach Cleanup!


  1. Download a BEACH CLEANUP DATA SHEET here.
  2. Take It To The Beach With You And Be Sure To Fill It Out Completely. Don't forget to weigh your bag, and include tallies of what you find.
  3. Email Your Completed Form To  Volunteercoordinator@Easternli.Surfrider.Org
  4. . . . And We’ll Be Happy To Add Your Data To Surfrider’s Beach Cleanup Database! 

Ready .... Set .... Go! 


  • Wear protective gloves, shoes and clothing. 
  • Use a “grabber” to pick up broken glass or sharp objects. 
  • Safety first, always.
  • Use extreme caution when handling sharps or biohazards. 
  • Contact your local authorities to dispose of items like needles and biohazard bags. 
  • If you’re in doubt, don't pick it up. 
  • Dispose of any trash in proper receptacles.  
  • Recycle when possible. 
  • Choose a safe, public location. 
  • Mind all “social distancing” recommendations from your local authorities. 
  • Take some pics of your clean up and tag us! @surfridereasternlongisland