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'Tis the Season for Ocean Friendly Gardening

This week, our Ocean Friendly Gardens committee met for their first Volunteer Day of the spring. Three dedicated volunteers met at Methodist Lane in East Hampton to tackle one of our garden's worst enemies -- mugwort.

Most homeowners might think to apply a weed killer to approach this problem, but there's a reason we are opting to pull the weeds by hand instead. Avoiding chemicals will keep our soils healthy.  When we have healthy soils, they work like a sponge to soak up excess stormwater and filter out pollutants. This is important for our bioswales, which were designed to capture and filter stormwater runoff that previously collected on the Village Greens in East Hampton. Stormwater runoff is one of the major sources of our water quality issues on Long Island.

If you are a homeowner on the East End, you can follow our Ocean Friendly Garden practices so you can be part of the solution for our water quality issues. Take the time now to make plans for your lawns and gardens this spring!

Here are a few native plant sales coming up in our area:

Interested in lending a hand at our gardens in East Hampton? Contact our chapter coordinator:

OFG Vols Cleanup April 2022
Volunteers started with a cleanup. Our bioswales are designed to collect stormwater -- and all the pollutants that come with it. This means our gardens become a collection site for litter!
OFG Volunteers working on mugwort - April 2022 smaller
Volunteers hard at work on mugwort management.
Ducks in methodist bioswale - April 2022 smaller
A pair of mallard ducks hanging out in the stormwater that washed in with the previous day's rain.
Worms in Methodist swale - April 2022-1
Happy inhabitants of our healthy soils.