If you’re looking for a low-cost thoughtful gift for the holidays, check out the East Hampton Middle School Surfrider Club’s “Save our Beaches” ornaments for inspiration.

John Ryan Jr.’s  6th, 7th, & 8th graders continue to make waves within the East End community! The Surfrider Club has been busy making “Save Our Beaches” ornaments. These ornaments are made from local beach sand, sea shells and decorative stone accents. Students added the slogan “Save Our Beaches” to help promote clean beaches and reduce our plastic footprint.

The Surfrider Club has also been handing out raffle tickets during lunchtime in the cafeteria to students that have demonstrated their help in reducing their plastic footprint. For example, students are given a ticket if they use reusable containers for sandwiches and snacks rather than plastic bags, and if they use canteens rather than bottled water and juices.  Each Friday tickets are drawn for prizes.

Join these impressive young stewards by making your own ocean-friendly holiday gifts. Nothing is more meaningful than a low-cost, thoughtful gift derived from our shores.

Happy Holidays from the Eastern Long Island Chapter to you!