On Tuesday January 18th @ 10:00am, Jay Fruin is presenting a Surfrider issue to the Town Board at their “Brown Bag” session. As a Montauk resident and waterman he is concerned about the dwindling access to our water environment. As you know, our chapter led the initiative to acquire the right to surf on State property (that fight continues). There are town-owned access points to many bodies of water (including the ocean) that are not known, fallen into disuse or have been blocked by private individuals. Jay is in the process of making the Town Board aware of that and requesting that they open them up – starting with the Lake.

Please come out and support Jay Fruin, Jay Levine, Julie Brumm and Jeannie Nielson in this effort. Your attendance at the Brown Bag meeting is appreciated.

When: Tuesday January 18  10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Where: Town Hall, East Hampton

Contact Jay Fruin for more information:  jay.fruin@gmail.com