As you know, a corporation known as ED40 has prepared a set of plans that call for the redevelopment of the former East Deck Motel at Ditch Plains in Montauk.  ED40’s application to the Town of East Hampton for special permits necessary to proceed with their project had been scheduled for review by the Town’s Planning Board on Wednesday evening, September 17.  Strong community opposition to the ED40 plan has caused ED40 to reconsider its plans and ask for and receive an adjournment of the September 17 meeting.  This means that the Planning Board will NOT be reviewing their application this Wednesday evening and there is no need for Surfrider members to attend the meeting on September 17.  Adjournment means “postponement”.  It does not mean that ED40 has withdrawn its application.  However, a news report on the East Hampton Star web site indicates that ED40 is prepared to enter into discussion with the Town of East Hampton regarding acquisition of the 4 acre property.  Acquisition and preservation of this property has been the highest priority for our Chapter and we are thrilled that ED40 is willing to consider selling its property to the Town of East Hampton!

This, of course, is great news.  However, we cannot consider this a true victory until the property is acquired by the Town.  The Eastern Long Island Chapter of Surfrider has been actively involved in opposing the ED40 project, in collaboration with our partners at Ditch Plains Association and Concerned Citizens of Montauk.  Our three organizations each brought unique expertise and energy to the struggle that has resulted in the adjournment granted by the Planning Board.  The three organization will continue to collaborate and advise its members as discussions regarding acquisition by the Town proceed.  In the meantime, please monitor our Chapter web site for periodic updates regarding ED40 and other Chapter campaigns.

We thank all Surfrider activists who are involved in and supportive of this campaign including those who paddled out in protest, at Ditch Plains on August 30 and those who signed the on-line petition initiated by Ditch Plains Association.  Incidentally, if you have not yet signed the DPA petition, please take this opportunity to add your name and to make a donation to enable us to continue our campaign to Save Ditch Plains!