We have begun the water quality testing initiative in partnership with CCOM (Concerned Citizens of Montauk) you can see the results on the Surfrider Blue Water Task Force. Right now we are the sole NY participant. Testing will be once a week & following major rain events. We have two weeks of data already with two major rain events.

Testing is at Ditch Plains beach (3 sites) plus the outflow pipe from the trailer park. The three sites are:

  • At the west end of the trailer park revetment
  • Adjacent to & west of the jetty
  • Directly down the beach from the paved lot

The trailer park outflow pipe only flows water after a rain event so there are no data from that location unless it is following a rain event.

We are also testing four spots at South Beach on Lake Montauk:

  • The west creek that flows adjacent to the Crow’s Nest
  • The beach at the mouth of that creek.
  • The center of South Beach.
  • The east creek that is at the east end of the beach.

View the results by clicking here:  Water Testing Results  At the lower right section of the screen is a tab that says “Load Historical Data”. That is where one will find all of the data from the previous dates.