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August 31, 2014

Ditch Paddle Out Coverage

The paddle out at Ditch Plains on Saturday August 30th was a huge success.  Coverage here in the East Hampton Star with a great quote by the Chapter’s Jay Fruin.  http://easthamptonstar.com/Lead-article/6/Paddle-Out-Save-Ditch-Plain

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August 28, 2014

Paddle Out to Protest ED40

Based on this news report, some surfers have planned a Paddle Out to raise awareness of, and show opposition to the proposal by ED40 to turn the East Deck Motel into massive private beach club.

So join us at 10 AM on Saturday the 30th to show what this place means to the Surfing community. 
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Photo: Dalton Portella
August 28, 2014

More ED40 News from EH Press

More news on the opposition to the ED40 application written by Shayne Weaver in the East Hampton Press.

This articles mentions a paddle out planned by some surfers for 10 AM Saturday August 30, 2014.

The East Deck Motel, long a visual cornerstone of Ditch Plain, is about to be converted into a private membership beach club, according to plans submitted to the East Hampton Town Planning Board.     T.E. McMorro
August 22, 2014

East Deck Petition Gathers Many Names | The East Hampton Star

Please sign the petition on Change.org started by the Ditch Plains Association to deny the Planning Board Application by ED40 to vastly expand the East Deck Motel and make it a private beach club. East Hampton Star article linked below.

East Deck Petition Gathers Many Names | The East Hampton Star.

Ditch Overview
August 7, 2014

ED40 Proposal Called a Non-Starter

The East Hampton Star wrote this editorial calling the ED40 proposal to massively expand the East Deck Motel and turn it into a private beach club a non-starter.  We could not agree more.

If you are concerned with this issue please sign the petition to deny the Planning Board application started by the Ditch Plains Association.  

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